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Small Business

Whether you’re an established business owner or a business-newbie starting out, coaching is a powerful tool to get you to the next level.

Small businesses are the drivers of our economy and the glue that sticks our communities together. Their owners deserve the very best support and that’s where I come in.

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Work Life Balance

Never has there been a time when work life balance has been more important. Once work was easily confined to the hours you put in at the office. Now it can be at your fingertips 24-7.

Creating the right balance is critical to the health of the economy, the health of our communities, the health of our businesses and of course the health of each individual.

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Coaching is an amazingly powerful tool which is superbly fitted to passionate individuals growing businesses as well as those choosing to navigate their way to a better work life balance.

Coaching is grounded in a supportive relationship between you and your coach. I, as your coach, ask questions and set exercises which enable and encourage the brain to think and work in different ways. These new strategies bring about great clarity, clear direction and renewed focus.


  • “As a sceptic I was incredibly impressed with the outcome of the sessions with Tanya. Her coaching style and technique was very professional yet relaxed, accessible and natural. As a result of my sessions and in light of some of the (quite revolutionary) outcomes I feel more focused and in touch with my needs.”
    The Wallace Collection Community Programme Coordinator, UK
  • “Tanya’s questioning technique allowed me to look at my future in a different way. I became enlightened but without actually being told what to do, I simply answered myself! Since my coaching I have had a clearer focus at work and feel much happier with myself.”
    Consultant, Poland
  • “Tanya has succeeded in giving me the help, direction and push that I have needed for a long time. Tanya has a wonderful way of discussing things so that you come to your own conclusions, decisions and path that you want to follow.”
    Event Manager, Leeds

I have over 15 years coaching experience, am a qualified life coach and have been a business owner for nearly 10 years. Most importantly I love working with motivated individuals and am truly passionate about seeing them thrive in their personal and professional lives.

Whether you have a small business that you want to grow, an idea you want to become a business or a work life mix that you want to get into balance then please get in touch.

I offer a free no-strings attached 20 minute discovery session to anyone interested in working with me. The discovery session provides the perfect opportunity to get answers to any questions you have and find out how we could work together.

I look forward to hearing from you.